IPROPEX is Kenya’s pioneer intellectual property exchange forum that seeks to link innovators to investors for commercialization of innovations and intellectual property.

IPROPEX goals include growing innovativeness in Kenya so as to create employment and livelihood opportunities; promote organizational growth in businesses by encouraging the uptake of innovations and provide alternative financing and investment options for innovators.

IPROPEX seeks to address the following challenges in the innovation sector

  • Little of advisory support services to innovators
  • Insufficient awareness of intellectual property rights by innovators
  • Insufficient commercialization strategies by innovators
  • Insufficient synergy in the market between stakeholders including innovators, financiers, regulators and end users
  • Insufficient marketing opportunities by innovators
  • Insufficient entrepreneurship support skills by innovators
  • Insufficient funding

IPROPEX provides the following services


  • Intellectual Property registration,Legal, financial, entrepreneurial, technical and dispute resolution advisory to innovators
  • Innovation management policies and strategies to corporate’s


  • Mentor-ship and networking to innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Listing of innovations and innovators directory
  • Networking and synergy building for stakeholders


  • Access to funding and market opportunities to innovators
  • Access to innovations and innovators by investors
  • Access to research and development resources
  • Access to talented and innovative staff



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